Lufthansa is the largest German airline, and many Europeans go-to. We were challenged with targeting Americans. Our target is often more focused on the details of each location when planning a trip; when it comes to choosing an airline, they choose their go-to, American airline out of comfort.

To ease our target's stress, we created an app, Terminal170. This app helps our target get the most out of their European getaway by making the planning process simple and efficient. We then extended our tactics to create a campaign, promoting the usefulness of Terminal170. 



We created an iPad app to engage our target who is more familiar with tablet interfaces. Users begin planning their trip by entering the dates and departure information. Next, they are prompted to rank interests they wish to explore. The user then selects a European region and the app recommends cities and attractions based on interests. Terminal170 then recommends the number of days our users should spend in each location based off their interests


To expand Terminal170’s reach, the Apple Watch extension helps users navigate attractions based on their interests while traveling. The home page consists of the user’s top interests allowing them to plan their trip on the go. Once an interest is selected, the user is prompted with compatible nearby destinations. The app will then find the fastest route to the user’s desired attractions.


For users that left the app before booking the trip, we created Facebook banners that previewed the trip they could be taking. We continued to utilize our target's preferred digital platforms by showing them the amount of time they've wasted online, and where it could've flown them.